e-Corporation Management Platforms

  • eBA Workflow and Document Management System

    Product Overview & System Architecture

    e-Corporation: A corporation that transforms all business processes into electronic platform and manages them electronically.

    • Product Overview & System Architecture
    • In a corporation that has completed its transformation into an e-Corporation
      • Business processes run at maximum efficiency.
      • Efficiency is at the highest level.
      • Business processes are manageable.
      • Paper usage is little if any.
      In a corporation that is not an e-Corporation
      • 90% of the corporate memory is on paper.
      • 90% of the daily used records/documents pass from hand to hand.
      • Each record/document is copied 19 times on an average.
      • 7.5% of the records/documents is lost and the remaining 3% is misfiled.
      • Employees spend 5% -15% of their time to reading the records/documents. But they spend 50% of their time to access these records/documents.
      Components required for an e-Corporation
      • Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) – Electronic storage and management of all corporate information resources.
      • Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) – Management of the records that were generated as a result of corporate activities and have evidential value, from beginning to end.
      • (WFMS) – Management of all kinds of corporate business processes by electronic automation.
      • Digitization Management System (Capture) – Effective transfer of the records and all kinds of content from physical environment into electronic environment.

    • Electronic Record Management System
      • TS13298 standard compliance
      • Record production in accordance with the procedures and principles of official correspondence
      • Electronic Signature
      • Paper management
      • Internal correspondence
      • Inter-corporation correspondence (via eCorrespondence package)
      • Correspondence via Registered Electronic Mail (REM)

    • Digitization Management System
      • Quickly capture physical records/documents into digital environment
      • Easy categorization of records & documents
      • Transforms records/documents into operational systems
      • Integration with the workflow
      • Improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of archiving team and tracking of its performance
      • Prevention of non-standard formation and scanning of records & document.
      • Integration with fast browsers
      • Image enhancement capabilities
      • Full-text searching and indexing with OCR Form handling properties

    • Workflow Management System
      • Electronic automation of all processes
      • Form management integrated into workflow
      • Keeping up with change and legislation
      • Implementation of the applicable business rules
      • Acceleration of business processes
      • Analysis and reporting of data
      • Measurement and improvement of processes
      • Integration with operational systems
      • Visual drag&drop workflow design
      • Corporations can easily develop their own workflows

    • Electronic Document Management System
      • Electronic storage of all kinds of information
      • Quick access to documents, Indexing, OCR
      • Access to the most current version of each document
      • Access to the right document
      • Documents stored centrally. Critical information cannot be accessed by everyone.
      • Manage all corporate data efficiently and effectively
      • Generate corporate memory
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